A Malagasi ranger patrols a sea cucumber farm on the coast - Photograph by Toby Smith

#01 – Toby Smith from Climate Visuals

I’m really happy to share with you a conversation I had with Toby Smith – an award-winning environmental photographer, and Programme Lead for Climate Visuals.

We talk about how visual storytellers can better document and represent the issue of climate change, in the hope of addressing the political and general inertia that exists to taking the significant and meaningful action that is so desperately needed.

We also talk about Toby’s work as a photographer and his many years of experience exploring long term projects include a study of hydroelectricity in Scotland, renewable energy technology across China and India, illegal logging and mining in Madagascar, and documenting water scarcity across the Himalayas – to name but a few. He works internationally on personal, commissioned and collaborative projects concerning landscape, the environment, and industrial and science-related stories.


Since recording the podcast Climate Visuals has teamed up with Getty Images to offer a grant to “aim to transform depiction of complex climate issues to ensure greater efficacy, immediacy and drive positive change.”

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Featured Image: © Toby Smith – “A Malagasi ranger patrols a sea cucumber farm on the coast. Setup with international investment this farm exports adult Sea Cucumbers to the Chinese Mainland as a delicacy and traditional medicine. The farm was started to relieve pressure on fish and octopus stocks in the region that have been hard effected by rising sea levels and water temperature.”