Let’s share the truth about climate change

Documenting Climate Change aims to mobilise documentary storytellers of all disciplines to raise awareness globally, and across all sectors of society, about the issues and challenges posed by anthropogenic climate change. Through creating a community of storytellers, promoting collaboration and support, and providing training where needed, we aim to help create and share local, human-centric stories, as well as stories created in a participatory way with communities being impacted directly by climate change.

We aim to provide an empowering, supportive environment for storytellers of all disciplines to gain the support, knowledge and experience necessary to create impactful human-centric stories, created in a considered and ethical way in communities across the globe, that can engage the general public, business leaders and policymakers, and inspire positive, meaningful action at a local and global level.




Season 1

#01 - Toby Smith<br /> Climate Visuals

#01 - Toby Smith
Climate Visuals

Toby Smith is an award-winning environmental photographer, and Programme Lead for Climate Visuals


#02 - Damon Gameau<br /> Documentary Film-maker

#02 - Damon Gameau
Documentary Film-maker

Damon Gameau is an award-winning documentary film-maker, and director of 2040


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