#03 – Afsaneh Rafii – Founder of Icarus Complex magazine

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In this episode I speak to Afsaneh Angelina Rafii – founder and Editor-in-Chief of the independent magazine Icarus Complex. A bi-annual publication that Afsaneh launched last year, that offers and in-depth look at the issues surrounding climate change.

In the first issue there are stories on economics, food, energy, decarbonising and much, much more packed within 140 pages. The second issue is due later this year, and will be on the theme of nuclear energy.

I wanted to find out about Afsaneh’s experiences trying to single-handedly set up, manage and grow an independent magazine, and so we talk about what motivated Afsaneh to devote her time and savings into producing Icarus Complex, the challenges she faced, what she would have done differently if she were to start again, and other practical insights to setting up an independent magazine covering the issue of climate change.

To find out more about Icarus Complex magazine, visit icaruscomplexmagazine.com – where you can read their journal, explore their database of organisations working on the issue of climate change and submit work for consideration.

If you’re doing something to document the issue of climate change, and would like your work to be featured on the podcast and website, please get in touch with me via email at [email protected]


Below are links to people, events, publications and organisations mentioned in the podcast:

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Grafica Maiadouro (designers/printers)

Featured Image: © MagCulture  – The front cover of thre first issue of Icarus Complex magazine. Photographer Greg Kahn took this photograph in North Carolina during Hurricane Florence in 2018.